What is NearVox?

NearVox is a patented platform that provides content and functionalities to the NFC Tags remotely.

The NearVox NFC Tags main feature is that they are pre-recorded for use and equipped with an encryption system that makes it impossible to be replicated, ensuring authenticity and cannot be plagiarized.

Another feature of the system is its versatility, from one simple application (NearVox), you can interact with all the different types of NFC Tags.


1.- A NearVox NFC Tag.
2.- An Android smartphone with NFC and Internet connectivity.
3.- The NearVox free mobile application which will be installed automatically on your smartphone

INSTALLING NearVox on Android

1.- Activate the NFC and Internet connection on your phone.
2.- From your device, go to Google Play Store and create an account by following the steps given. If you already have a Google Play account, skip this step.
3.- If you have a NearVox NFC Tag, tap the smartphone on the tag (Make sure the phone isn’t locked) and the installation will automatically start. Press install/download the application.
If you don’t have a NearVox NFC Tag, log in to Google Play Store and search for the NearVox application, then press install/download.
4.- After the application is installed, you will find the icon for NearVox on your phone.

Congratulations, the installation is now complete. You can now tap your smartphone on a NearVox NFC Tag.

Current types of NearVox NFC Tags


Description Where to buy + info
NV- Basic The NFC Tags are programmed and configured so that its contents can be administered remotely. The content can be in multiple languages and in different formats (Video, audio, text, etc....).

Only for businesses, developers and institutions

NV- Location The NFC Tags allow programming and configuring to automatically send an SMS alert in case of need to one or many recipients, stating your current position as well as a preset-text reporting an incident.

Success stories in businesses


Description Where to buy + info
MT- Alert The company MT Helmet has incorporated into their motorbike/motorcycle helmets our NearVox system, which automatically sends an SMS alert in case of an accident to multiple recipients, indicating the location.


If you are interested in the development or application of our platform in any of your projects, we can explore the options, contact us.